Lehi UT— Week 6 match results has turned what looked to be a predictable final four into a toss up. This makes going into week 7 even much more interesting than we had anticipated for, but with the wealth of rugby talent in the state of Utah one shouldn’t always count their eggs before they are hatched.

The Lead Up to Week 6

Going into week 6 saw it was evident that the top 3 spots in the league tables would not change much. The Spartans were sitting confidently as number one seed with 25 points, the West Valley Lions only 4 points away at 21 points, and the Misfits Brothers at the third spot with 15 points. Gladiators and Mana both needed a win in their sixth match of the season in order to secure a spot confidently in the playoff. Neither of them succeeded with a win but the performance from Mana gave them 2 bonus points resulting in a two way tie at 13 points with the Gladiators. With Spartans already having played their 6 matches as well with a 5-1 winning record meant that contenders in the playoffs will be solely left to whomever wins their remaining games this week. Some teams are at the mercy of others performances due to the closeness in points.

Week 7 Predictions

GAME 20: Antelope Island(7) v Misfits Brothers(3)

The men from Antelope Island have yet to get a win this season but have come close at times to walking off the pitch with a victory. This week against the Misfits will be an uphill battle for them especially with the winning record that their opponents have exhibited so far. While a win might not be a likely scenario for Antelope Island, it will still require Misfits to win with a bonus point to steal the number one spot going into the playoffs.

GAME 21: West Lions(2) v Provo Steelers(6)

These two teams have yet to play each other, the Lions have proven this season to throw everything they have into a match with high stakes. On the other hand the Provo Steelers have shown that they have the pool of talent to match any team. A big win margin for the Lions could see them take the number one spot, a loss could see the Steelers deprive Mana and the Gladiator of a playoff berth and an opportunity for the Misfits Brothers to make a break for second place.

GAME 22: Spartans(1) v Mana(5)

Spartans will consider this match a consolation round for them having already played their 6 matches of the season. On the hand Mana also has played their 6 matches of the season. Mana is at the mercy of the outcome of the Lions v Steelers match, depending on which way the win goes can see them through a seat in the playoffs or not.

Week 7 will commence next week on Saturday October 13th allowing all teams looking for a playoff berth to regroup and setup for their best individual outcome. Matches will continue to be played at NUI Field located at 3197 Ashton Blvd, Lehi UT 84043. For more info head to our facebook events page.