Lehi, UT — With 6 matches already played and two weeks on the books, we look forward to a sizzling week 3 with the inclusion of a new team in the competition. The new addition will see 4 matches being played with a bye week instead of the our normal 3 match weekend with no bye.



The Steelers will prove to be a force to reckon with regardless of their late inclusion in the MPD to contend for the Iosepa Shield. Their inclusion will see talent from south of the valley take part in what has become Utah’s biggest organized local men’s club competition. Speaking with the Steelers organization they expressed excitement in the opportunity they have to contribute to a great cause for the local rugby talent in their region. The Steelers will be required two match this week in order to catch up with the other contenders. They play the Spartans on Friday, September 7th at 6pm and face the men from Antelope Island at the next day at 12:40pm.



GAME 7: #1. Salt Lake Spartans (2-0) v #7. Provo Steelers (0-0)
Under the leadership of John Udy, the Spartans are looking to be in good form. They’ve shown moments of great continuity and will look to continue to build on it in the upcoming games. The Spartans saving grace recently has been off of the boot of Kinitoni Falatau who has been instrumental in adding points on the board in critical moments of their matches. Their general attack is an area that can be matched by most of their opponents but their level of discipline is one yet to be matched. With no track record as of yet in the MPD, the Steelers look to be a great threat and surprise to their first contestant, the Spartans.

GAME 8: #4. Salt Lake City Gladiators (1-1) v  #5. Misfits Brothers (1-1)
The Gladiators continue to put up big points on the board regardless of win or loss. Both the Gladiators and the Misfits Brothers are recovering from losses in week 2 and are looking to climb back the rankings with hopeful wins. The Gladiators style of play has been one that either completely shuts down their opponents or matches them pound for pound. The level of effort in performance for both teams from both their backs and forwards have proven to show that they are well rounded teams. The Brothers on the other hand will regroup after losing some key players to the Rugby Town 7s tournament last week. With the Brothers back at full strength will give them an additional boost to getting another win hopefully on Saturday.

GAME 9: #2. West Valley Lions (1-1) v #3. Mana Rugby (1-1)
Lions redeemed themselves in week 2 after getting their first win of the season against the Gladiators and secured bonus points as well. Sticking to the same game plan from last week can prove to be futile for their opponent, Mana this weekend. The Lions have some great leadership and experience with them which has proven to be the perfect storm for them. With the likes of Utah Warrior Lance Williams, the Lions will be in good hands. They stack up against a younger Mana Rugby side and the young and the restless culture will stack up against the experience and leadership of the men from West Valley. Mana is looking to build off of a nail biter of a win in week 2 and boost the morale of a young determined side. The inexperience may show at times but progress is really showing with Mana Rugby. The leadership of the Lauti brothers will be critical throughout the season for Mana and one to lookout for this weekend.

GAME 10: #7. Provo Steelers (0-0 ) v #6. Antelope Island (0-2)
Week 2 showed great improvement from the men from Antelope Islander. It was a game of inches as they gave up the winning try to their opponent in the dying seconds. Speaking with their coach Eugene Tukumoeatu he said, “it was a tough loss, but it showed what we are capable of doing”.  The Antelope Islanders will be using their speed this weekend against the Steelers who have yet to showcase what they have to offer in the MPD. The odds maybe against the Steelers who will need to play 2 matches this weekend but with both teams yet to notch wins, may prove to produce some good both teams at kickoff at 12:40pm on Sat urday.

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