High Performance

Whether you’ve never played before or are an elite international-level player seeking Olympic or Rugby World Cup glory, Rugby Utah is building a High Performance program that can offer our players, coaches and referees the resources they need to succeed at their highest possible levels.

Learn more about our programs below…

Olympic Development Academy

Developing America’s next generation of Olympic and International rugby players is a key goal for Rugby Utah.

By developing the pathways for rugby enthusiasts of all ages Rugby Utah provides the opportunities for coaches, players and referees to develop and participate in elite level rugby.

Comprised of the top players in the state of Utah the Rugby Utah Olympic Development Academy is sanctioned by USA Rugby as the regional National Development Academy for the sport. Players from the senior division and down into the youth and high school divisions can train with some of the top coaches Utah and the USA has to offer.

Men’s Elite Division

The pathway beyond high school and university has now been set for all rugby players in the United State of Rugby.

With the creation of the new Men’s Elite Division players and coaches within the entire rugby community will be able to participate in one of the country’s most elite domestic rugby competitions.

More information will be released in the coming weeks.


The best players and teams are led by the best coaches. Rugby Utah is committed to developing the best coaches in America that will lead Utah’s growing youth, high school, college and men’s division teams.

Through on-going coaching certification courses and other high-level coaching development opportunities Rugby Utah coaches can look to develop their own craft while also developing those players that they lead.

Many opportunities are being offered to Rugby Utah coaches already, with more opportunities and information on how Rugby Utah will look to develop the country’s best coaches being released soon.



A good game of rugby hinges on that game having a solid referee on the pitch. Rugby Utah is committed to building the next generation of elite-level referees. In partnership with USA Rugby, Rugby Utah is reforming a referee program that builds the acumen and appreciation for the laws of the game from an early age.

This program will offer young players the opportunity of progressing to national and international levels as a referee. And the on-going recruitment and development programs for referees within Rugby Utah will aspire to lead the nation in referee engagement.