About Rugby Utah

Rugby Utah is focused on three centers of activity:


To unite the pathways of rugby in Utah from youth to pro, men and women, grassroots to Olympic hopefuls, by building high performance programs for players, coaches and referees. Current programs include RU ODA, Men’s Elite Division and multiple elite-level events.


To engage the Utah’s multi-generational and dynamic cultural rugby community in an effort to not only develop opportunities for the sport on the pitch, but to also support community-based initiatives off of the pitch. Current programs include Touch Rugby League, Rugby Business Network and A 2nd Try Foundation.


The fastest-growing game in America not only requires more elite-level coaches and players, but it also requires referees who prepare themselves and officiate the game an elite level.

About Us

Rugby Utah (RU) is a USA Rugby-sanctioned Geographic Rugby Organization built to develop the game at the Senior level and to support and aggregate resources for all levels of rugby in the Utah and Intermountain Regions.  RU is led by seasoned rugby, business, finance and sports marketing leaders. The RU entity was founded to elevate and unite the sport of Rugby in Utah as a leadership blueprint for creating a strategy for driving the growth of the sport of Rugby in America.

Working in partnership with USA Rugby and as a purpose-built extension of Utah Youth Rugby (UYR), RU  was organized to become the unifying and authoritative body for all Rugby-related activities and events in Utah. Additionally, RU has been established to develop iconic national and international rugby-related business interests that support the ethos that rugby embodies: integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect.

RU’s principal activity is to build the avenue by which the fast-growing UYR youth and high school rugby athletes can pursue social rugby, collegiate, Olympic and International opportunities beyond their UYR-playing days. RU will also build the economic engines that foster a a multi-dimensional development strategy centered in the international sport of Rugby; the world’s 3rd most-watched sport and America’s fastest growing sport. Our emphasis on Utah as a starting point for a national and international strategy is infused into the RU name and pays homage to the fact that Rugby in Utah is growing at a rate almost 10% faster than the national average.

Utah is home to over 60 youth teams for boys and girls, 5 nationally ranked high school programs providing higher education opportunities through scholarships, and 2 nationally ranked collegiate teams with rosters including 50 Collegiate All-Americans. In total, Utah has fostered 21 USA National Team members since 2001. Additionally, 20 members of the United States Eagles Rugby team have come from Utah, plus 4 European playing professionals, as well as 2 Olympic contenders. Supporting this robust community of players, coaches and referees is an equally supportive fan base. Utah’s unique demographics include a high population of Polynesians and expatriates from rugby playing nations, as well as university-educated professionals, many of whom grew up playing rugby in Utah and/or performed volunteer church service in rugby-involved countries around the world.

Our Vision

Giving America’s fastest growing sport a strategy for growth.

Rugby Utah (RU) was created to elevate and unite the sport of Rugby in Utah as a leadership blueprint for creating a strategy to ultimately benefit the entire Rugby community across North America.

We see a bright future for Rugby and we have established a vision and team to match that opportunity. Our three-fold mission is to unite, build and promote the interests of Rugby over the short, medium and long-term time horizons.

SHORT TERM – UNITE – RU will govern or support all rugby play in Utah, from youth to pro, men and women, grassroots to Olympic hopefuls, including uniting the state’s best athletes into a high-performance men’s and women’s program.

MEDIUM TERM – BUILD – RU will operate the nation’s premiere rugby-centric Olympic-caliber training facilities and off-site training programs via satellite camps and school-based community programs for players of all ages and economic circumstances, as well as training programs for officials, coaches and referees. RU will also develop event programming that will bring some of the best and brightest rugby talent to Utah from the national and international arenas.

LONG TERM – PROMOTE – RU will develop, manage and promote our highest performing athletes under a mentoring program that includes personal management and wealth management, and provide comprehensive health and wellness services for our athletes under management. Additionally RU will negotiate endorsements, licensing and player-to-brand relationship programs in the form of high-profile partnerships in sports, media/entertainment, and consumer products and services.